Follow Up Phase

Congratulations! You have now completed an ExO Sprints!

In addition to creating an organization—or set of organizations—primed to become exponential, your team has gone through a personal transformation process. As a result, they have:

  • Learned new methods of working together across organizational boundaries.
    Acted as entrepreneurs.
  • Experienced the productivity that real-time virtual collaboration and communication offers.
  • Become comfortable being uncomfortable in presenting ideas to the leadership team in a far less polished form than they have likely been accustomed to.(The leadership team has also experienced the value of this format.)
  • Been “forced” into a lean mindset by the pace and intensity of the weekly assignments.
    Seen the value of the fast iteration of ideas based on early feedback.
  • Witnessed the disruption process in action.
  • Come to understand that learning lies in “failure”.
  • Gained experience across a range of business innovation models and practices including the ExO model which they can now carry into their daily work.

All participants in the ExO Sprints should now possess an exponential mindset that will ensure the innovation process continues to move forward throughout the organization.

The fact that your team ideated and developed the ExO initiatives helps maintain the company’s DNA, since all were created by employees with shared DNA (organizationally, at least). This makes each resulting ExO initiative compatible with your team and organization.

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